Dental Implants

Having a lost tooth can be losing part of yourself. You can now get this replacement done at Jasmine Dental Studio. Offering reliable and consistent dental services now includes replacement using dental implants.

You can now get all the treatments listed below:

– Replacement of one or multiple missing teeth
– Full Mouth Reconstruction
– Bone Augmentation procedures
– Advanced surgical procedures such as sinus lift procedures
– Dental implant routine maintenance
– Soft Tissue Manipulation to enhance Aesthetic Outcomes

Replacement of Single or Multiple teeth using Implants

Missing a single tooth on any sextant can affect the way you eat, speak feel and look at all times. You might have lost the tooth in various ways such as trauma, infection, root fracture, failure in root canal treatment or failure due to other reasons.

You can now have this gap replaced using a single implant to support a bridge or replace the missing gap with up-to-date modern techniques. This would typically involve the placement of a dental implant in the missing space left behind by the missing tooth. This would be followed by a restorative procedure to place a crown that would look like a natural tooth.

Replacement of missing teeth using this technique shows a very high success rate of 98% with conventional oral hygiene and dental care. These figures are due to the high success rates of using a well-established Implant system ( Straumann ) and the high level of expertise you would receive at Jasmine Dental Studio.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

Loose, uncomfortable or ill-fitting dentures can make life very difficult. Unable to chew properly, eat certain foods, struggle to speak or smile confidently are all things that can be looked at with a full mouth reconstruction which can be done at Jasmine Dental Studio. There are different options available for this and these are either a fixed option which is a bridge on 4 to 8 implants. Or an implant retained denture with clips and attachments. These options will be discussed with you at your consultation appointment.

Bone Augmentation Procedures

The Key to implant success is the quality and the quantity of bone where the implant is to be placed. After tooth loss, there can be some bone loss around the region which may need to be replaced. This procedure can sometimes be done at the time of placement and at other times prior to implant placement. A bespoke treatment plan needs to be made for all patients to assess bone and bone replacement needed.

Advanced Surgical Procedures

Advanced surgical procedures can be carried out to ensure that there is the best chance of survival of the dental implant. These can include sinus lift procedures, ridge splitting procedures, and bone grafting from sites in the mouth such as the chin and the jaw to replace missing bone.

Dental Implant Routine Maintenance

The key to any successful dental implant treatment is maintenance after the placement. It is imperative that routine checks are done on the dental implant looking out for any early signs of failure and these be addressed quickly and effectively to ensure the longevity of the dental implant.

Soft Tissue Manipulation To Enhance Aesthetic Outcome

In the end, the aesthetics of the crowns are always an important aspect that needs to be addressed. Good planning from the beginning has always been a strong point to ensure that the best aesthetic result is achieved. The gums around the implant can be manipulated to achieve this and this can be done and planned for you at Jasmine Dental Studio.

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