Children’s Teeth

At Jasmine Dental Studios, we believe in preventive dental care and encourage our patients to bring their children to the practice as soon as their baby teeth emerge. Regular check-ups from a young prevent tooth decay identifies whether orthodontics will be needed in the future.

Our team is qualified to deliver a number of preventive treatments to look after your child’s teeth. These include plaque removal, fluoride varnish applications and fissure sealants. Fluoride varnish application is a safe and effective way to protect your child’s teeth from developing decay. The fluoride is painted onto the surface of the teeth and this helps to mineralise the teeth. Fissure sealants are tooth coloured and applied to biting surfaces of children’s teeth to prevent decay. Our team will take special care of your child to make them feel safe and cared for at all times.

We look forward to looking after your family’s smiles!

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